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The Consult Box has leveraged its relationships and introductions to support a range of impactful initiatives. This includes pioneering new programming for the 18 Under Eighteen entrepreneurial program and organizing the Empower Her Summit, which focuses on training and discussions to empower girls in both their professional and personal lives.

Our efforts have brought together retail partners, nonprofits, and various organizations to volunteer, sponsor, or provide tax credits, enabling our organization to thrive. Through our network, we’ve secured scholarships, trade partnerships, in-kind donations, and cash contributions that have significantly bolstered events, projects, programs, and seasonal educational activities, including support for schools and Junior Achievement’s BizTown initiative.

Junior Achievement believes in the boundless potential of young people.  They seek out diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents in our staff and volunteers, and boards to reflect the geographies and communities we serve.  The nurture the power of partnerships and collaboration. They approach their work with passion, honesty, integrity, and teach excellence in principled market-based economics and entrepreneurship that builds a more sustainable world.  And, finally, they are an advocate for relevant hands-on learning.