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Since 2021, The Consult Box has collaborated closely with the Founder, Organizer, and Promoter (William B Marshall) of a series of significant community events.

Beginning with the establishment of the WPA Juneteenth Youth Fest and Black Heritage Community Days, our team has played a pivotal role by leveraging our extensive network and introductions. Situated prominently on the WPA Juneteenth site, we have secured sponsorship partnerships for these community-centric events, which are free to attend. Utilizing our network connections across various regional projects and programs, we strive to maximize opportunities for these initiatives.

Our efforts include securing media relationships and sponsorship partners for every facet of these events, encompassing parade divisions, floats, staging, small business vendor plazas, naming rights, and more.

On the ground, we ensure sponsors’ needs are met, from working alongside the Agency and Float Agency, coordinating parade line-ups to organizing vendor spaces at the festival, ad deadline and media placement, map design for vendor and sponsor booth space and deliverables are met.

These events span a diverse range, such as Student Black History Month at Soldiers & Sailors in February, the Black Tie Gala Fundraiser at Sheraton Station Square in May, the Youth Fest and Black Heritage Community Days at Mellon Park preceding Juneteenth, the main Juneteenth celebration at Point State Park, Market Square, and Gateway Center, the Jubilee Parade in the Hill District, and the Soul Food Festival/Black Music Celebration over Labor Day Weekend at Market Square and Gateway Center.

Our commitment is to support and enhance the community impact of these events, ensuring they resonate deeply with attendees and sponsors alike.

2024 WPA Juneteenth Celebration

Stop The Violence Pittsburgh Events Include:

Student Black History Month — February — Soldiers & Sailors
Black Tie Gala Fundraiser — May — Sheraton Station Square
Youth Fest and Black Heritage Community Days — Weekend before Juneteenth — Mellon Park
Main Juneteenth Event — Point State Park, Market Square, Gateway Center — Weekend before or during June 19th
Jubilee¬†Parade — Saturday of Juneteenth Weekend — Freedom Corner, Crawford Avenue in the Hill
Soul Food Festival/Black Music Celebration — Labor Day Weekend — Market Square and Gateway Center