The Consult Box is made up of 12 individuals/companies and continues to grow. These companies and individuals bring a wealth of experience, vast knowledge and expanded network to any project, scope of work or event we are tasked with.

Kim “Bogey” Bogesdorfer started the collab many years ago and out of the pandemic it grew and morphed as businesses, staff and departments were shifting into what their internal team might look like.

The Consult Box has everything a full-service agency has and more. Depending on the job or scope needed, an organization can hire a team of individuals from our collab list. The employer does not have to worry about how long the employee (team) might stay, training investment or costs, or developing a network –  because the collab already has that, can do all of that and it becomes an external extension of that business as long as needed.

Bogey has 25 plus years’ experience with pro and semi pro sports teams with a myriad of hats in many categories of business from hotel and hospitality to movie production, small to big production events, sports, college and university work, technology, advertising agency work and more.

Her best work is done when she can connect good people and businesses to other good people to create great business for both. She is a digger and a connector.

The collaborative work is here to stay. The more people that understand it; know they want; don’t waste any time in contacting us.