What’s NIL And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

In simple terms, NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. Beginning July 2021 the NCAA changed it’s long-standing rules and allowed collegiate athletes to profit from their personal brand — their name, image and likeness.

This has opened up an entirely new market for companies and organizations to partner with these athletes and include them in their overall marketing plan.

In the first year of NIL we’ve seen a variety of deals between companies, organizations and collegiate athletes ranging from simple social media posts and endorsements to involved and extended campaigns.

There’s been some giant deals out there for sure – but the majority of NIL deals are much smaller and average around $1250.

And who is on deck? High School athletes. Many states have already approved NIL for their high school students with Pennsylvania expected to be next as early as December 2022.

It’s not the wild wild west – but it’s certainly a new and exciting frontier in sports marketing.

We’ll Get You Into The Game

The focus of our agency is to connect organizations with collegiate athletes with a partnership that is fruitful for both parties. While we have relationships with a number of athletes our current starting point is focused on the organization side.

One of the biggest hurdles to brands engaging in the NIL landscape is both simple and common – it’s so new that it’s hard to understand the options, processes, and regulations that it can be tough to get started.

This is where we’re your conduit.

We understand that the NIL market extends far beyond the simple “influencer” type campaigns. We see the potential for growth for both the brand and the athlete and our focus is to bring those opportunities to both sides.

  • Campaign Conceptualization
  • Budget planning and coordination
  • Screening, vetting, and talent research
  • Analytics and reporting on campaign return

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